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Facilities Directorate Support Services Update, July 2021

Finance Team

Since April, the team have successfully submitted the new five-year integrated plan which is the FD’s financial forecast for 2021/2022. Reflected in the plan are new requirements arising from the University strategy such as net zero carbon, the seven climate principles which address the University’s sustainability commitment along with Estates ambition to become a digital driven service. As we come out of the pandemic, the team have produced a prudent plan that will also see the credible recovery of our commercial businesses post Covid.

The team have also been working on finalising the corporation tax returns for our commercial areas. They continue to support the business and are preparing for year end.

A big thank you goes to all the team, who continue to manage the finances in a prudent way that enables the FD to meet day to day objectives and unexpected risks.

FD Marketing, Sales and Communications

Sprout Social

The Marketing and Communications team have purchased a new social media management tool to support the 20+ social channels our teams manage across the Facilities Directorate. Sprout Social will replace our current management system and is also used by the University’s Central Comunications team which will allow for greater collaboration across the teams, supporting and amplifying all University social channels.

Digital transformation underpins the University’s strategy and it’s important that we continue to use digital technologies to manage our social communications effectively across the FD. Sprout Social will play a key role in streamlining communications across our many social channels and the teams controlling them, allowing the Marketing and Communications team to manage content much more effectively.

The team will also benefit from more detailed analytical reporting, allowing for a more effective social content strategy to support our business needs.

The software will be rolled out in the next few weeks, followed by detailed training to help fully utilise Sprout Social.

Supporting the opening of the 1915 café on campus

With a new café set to open in the Sir William Henry Bragg Building members of the team have been heavily involved in the process from start to finish. They have been involved in generating ideas for the café name, hosting various online workshops that brought together key people across the University to collaborate and agree a name and associated brand identity for the café as well as devising and delivering the marketing activity that will promote the new café to staff and students.

Bidding fond farewells

Last month the team bid a fond farewell to Liz Chadwick and Jack Slater. Liz has been the Sales and Marketing Manager for Great Food at Leeds and over the last few years has successfully raised awareness of our cafes on campus, devised innovative marketing and promotions activities and contributed to the successful opening of three cafes.

Jack Slater has been a fantastic member of the Sales and Marketing team at The Edge. He has played a key role in promoting The Edge to new customers and recruiting them as members.

We wish both Liz and Jack much success in their new roles at Energise Energy Solutions and the NHS.

Additionally, at the end of August, we will say farewell to University student interns Abbie McGurk and Howe-Yee Law. They have both shown amazing resilience and commitment throughout the year, and made a significant contributions to the work of the team. Thank you both and we wish you all the best in your final year at University!

Our new interns will join us in September. Olivia Brooks, who is currently studying Graphic and Communications Design will join the FD Creative Design team. Kirstin Thomas who is currently studying Film, Photography and Media will join the FD Digital Team.

Joining the team in July will also be Thomas Pickering who will take up his role as Sales, Marketing and Retention Manager on 19 July. Thomas joins us from Oxford Brookes University where he currently has a similar role..

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