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Our People, Our Culture

Our People, Our Culture

It takes a brilliant and diverse group of people to build a service like the Facilities Directorate (FD).

With over a thousand staff, we are here to help students and staff achieve success.

It is my ambition that everyone who works in the FD should enjoy success too, through working in an inclusive and supportive community. ​​

Our three-year business plan last year, Our Way Ahead, had as a core aim a focus on people and culture, wanting to “develop our culture so that our people can thrive and succeed”. This strategy will help us achieve this. It is another step towards the vision of ‘One FD’. All of this supports the University Strategy, Universal Values, Global Change.

Our People, Our Culture has been developed by a voluntary group from across all FD services, who have created the vision, objectives and workstreams for this strategy. I know how hard they have worked over the last nine months and want to say thank you for all their ideas, commitment and passion in creating this document.

As well as their experience and knowledge, they were informed by results from the Employee Engagement Survey and by our values of Collaboration, Compassion, Integrity and Inclusivity. 

Please read this page and think about your place in it. How can we work together to achieve its aims? It will take a joined-up approach to make this successful.

This strategy sets out our vision and it is our call to action; now let’s make it a reality. 

Ann Allen, Director of Campus Innovation & Development
February 2024

Our People, Our Culture Strategy

Our Way Ahead: 2023 to 2026

Universal Values, Global Change: 2020 to 2030

Vision and Objectives

Our vision is for an FD where everyone is supported and belongs.​

Eight objectives have been developed in support of this vision to guide the work:

  • A positive employee experience at the FD​.
  • A workplace to be proud of where we are all respected​.
  • A safe and supportive environment to make decisions and provide challenge.
  • Leading by the values of collaboration, compassion, inclusivity and integrity​.
  • Wellbeing, safety and health in everything we do​.
  • Our feedback is listened to and acted on​.
  • Our successes are shared and celebrated​.
  • Clear expectations and purpose to help us deliver our work​.


To get the work done, six workstreams have been created which FD staff will be asked to join:​


To provide leadership through progress review meetings.​

Led by Jane Clayton (Culture & Engagement Lead) with Prue Griffiths (Communications Manager).


To consider what belonging means, engage with wellbeing initiatives and EDI work and build collaboration between FD services.​

To start 2024/2025.

Culture and Values

To identify the culture of the FD while respecting cultures in different services. Also to consider behaviours and to embed the University’s values.​

Led by Jill Roberts (Head of Cleaning Services) with Alan Copland (Business Improvement Officer).

Employee Experience

To examine the lifecycle of being an FD employee and to support skills development and training opportunities to create an agile and resilient workforce.​

To start 2024/2025.


To consider ways to improve engagement across services and increase communication.

Working with Staff Voice and Marketing & Communications, it will find ways to celebrate success and enhance employee recognition.  ​

Led by Rebecca O’Hare (Interim Deputy Director Residential Services) with Malcolm Thorne (Health & Safety Officer).


To design and implement a Leadership Framework to support development for leaders at all levels, including future leaders.  ​

Led by Claire Sowerby (Organisational Learning Partner) with Luke Gallagher (Energy Manager).

Next steps

We are clear about what will be achieved each year so that we can maintain momentum and build on progress.

We’d love to know what you think, please contact Jane Clayton on with any feedback.

  • 2023/2024

    • 2023 Employee Engagement Survey results analysed with action plan in place.
    • People & Culture Strategy created, shared and understood.
    • Four People & Culture Workstreams established with action plans in place.
    • Internal comms strategy in place and support requirements identified.
  • 2024/2025

    • Final two People & Culture Workstreams established with action plans in place.
    • Workstream activities prioritised according to impact and resource availability.
    • Initiatives within People & Culture Workstreams being delivered.
    • Leadership Framework and Leadership Development Framework implemented.


  • 2025/2026

    • 2025 Employee Engagement Survey results analysed with action plan in place.
    • Initiatives within People & Culture Workstreams being delivered.
    • One FD identity understood and sense of belonging being fostered.