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Facilities Directorate Staff Bulletin – April 2021

I do hope you have all managed to take a well-earned break over the recent Easter holidays and are feeling refreshed and ready for the spring term.

A few days before the break, University Council approved the new strategies and delivery plans (Research and Innovation; Student Education; International; Digital Transformation; Enabling Strategy) that underpin and support the overarching University Strategy. Our attention is now focussed on the implementation of these plans with work underway to understand the projects and prioritisations needed, in particular with the enabling and digital transformation plans.

Following the departure of Tim Peakman at the end of March, I have been appointed as the Interim Chief Operating Officer from the 1 April 2021. I am still working through how my new appointment will impact on the FD, but I will of course announce any significant changes as and when I can.

The Government recently confirmed that the current policy for students returning to campus remains in place until at least Monday 17 May. Face-to-face teaching will continue into the summer term for those students on practical or practice-based courses, who were notified last term that they should return to study on campus, and for all other students teaching and learning will continue online until at least Monday 17 May. Running in parallel to the return to campus activity, the University has identified a requirement to make longer term changes to existing ways of working. A steering group is in place to coordinate this activity and staff will be consulted widely on this to understand people’s views.

During this period of fast-paced change, I would like to again recognise the contributions of all staff during this time, and in particular I would like to draw attention to three fantastic FD colleagues who were recipients of the University Women of Achievement Awards in March – Sue Green (Assistant Director, Residences), Jo Hynes (Deputy Director, Estates and Campus Support) and Ruth Buller (Head of HR, Professional Services). Congratulations on your very well-deserved awards!

Dennis Hopper

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