Sir William Henry Bragg Building

Estate Services Update, February 2021

Capital Development campus projects continue to make timely progress. Construction of the Sir William Henry Bragg Building will complete at the end of February. Over the following six months the building will be fully fitted out with furniture and research equipment with the intention to open to students and staff in the autumn. As part of the same project, the Design Office are also working on additional smaller projects including the Helium Recovery Suite and Integrated Workshops. The Estates Maintenance Team are also involved in building handover support and are currently checking building support activities.

Work continues on the Esther Simpson Building, Faculty of Biological Sciences, and the proposed development of Boddington Playing Fields. Work has also begun on the construction of an accessible ramp at the back of Leeds University Union to Cromer Terrace. A redesign of the top floor at the Charles Thackrah Building has begun along with a scheme of work to upgrade central teaching space in the Roger Steven Building.

Estates Maintenance

During the recent inclement weather, the Grounds and Gardens Team have been keeping campus free of ice and snow, but they will soon be turning their attention to planting schemes which, year-on-year, not only brighten up campus but help boost the spirit of all the campus community with their captivating colours and subtle scents. With the spring bedding order placed and due to arrive in May, the team are currently focusing on a planting scheme at Clothworkers Court and are supporting the planting of over 3000 trees at the Brownlee Centre and Cycle Circuit.

Whilst we remain in a national lockdown the Estates Maintenance Team are ensuring the buildings remain safe and secure until re-occupation. This ongoing maintenance will ensure a smooth and quick re-opening of buildings once we come out of lockdown.  Colleagues in the Engineering Team have done some excellent work to ensure all buildings are ventilated as best as possible to prevent transmission of Covid-19.

As a result of the pandemic, the Energy Team have been focusing on revising the original work scheduled as part of the University’s net-zero commitment. This is a large piece of work which the team will share with colleagues in the near future.

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