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Defibrillators at the University of Leeds


Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) at the University of Leeds

The University maintains a network of Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) across the campus, residences and sports facilities.

These are available for use by anyone however if you believe a defibrillator is needed it is imperative to also summon the Emergency Services (see below).

There is a mixture of locked external (outside) boxes and unlocked internal boxes (e.g. in lobbies and corridors) across University premises.

BuildingLocationHours for public access
Business SchoolThe Maurice Keyworth Building8.30-18.00
CAPE Building (Chemical and Process Engineering)Main Entrance / Reception Area8.30-17.00
Centeral Village Student AccommodationD Block (Reception Area) 24 Hour Access
Clothworkers Court Side of the Great Hall 24 Hour Access
Conference Auditorium Entrance/ Reception Area 8.30-17.00
Facilities Directorate Building Side of Front Entrance Door 24 Hour Access
Fairbain House Garden Wall Left Side of Main Entrance Door 24 Hour Access
Generating Station Complex Estate Services Workshop Area 8.00-17.00
Henry price Flats Outside Reception Entrance (Clarendon Road side) 24 Hour Access
LC Miall Building Entrance/ Reception Area 8.30-17.00
Leeds University Union Building Reception Area 8.00-20.00
Math & Earth Sciences Building Next to Maths Cafe 8.30-17.00
Mechanical Engineering Entrance/ Reception Area 8.20-18.00
Multi Storey Car Park Car park Vehicle Entrance 24 Hour Access
NEXUS Building On the wall halfway between reception and the café.
Parkinson Building Parkinson Court (South Staircase) 8.30-18.00
Psychology Building Left Side of Glazed Entrance 24 Hour Access
Roger Stevens Building Ground Floor Entrance Top of Ramp 24 Hour Access
Sir William Henry Bragg Building TBCTBC
Storm Jameson Court Student Accommodation Storm Jameson East Reception Area 24 Hour Access
The Edge Sport Centre/ Swimming PoolEntrance/ Reception Area 6.00-21.00
Worsley Medical and Dental School Level 9 (Outside LOMA Cafe) 8.30-18.00
Worsley Medical and Dental School Level 7 Common Room8.30-18.00

View defibrillators on campus map

You can view the locations of all the defibrillators at the University of Leeds on the campus map

(Click on facilities and scroll across to view the defibrillators)

How to use defibrillators on campus

  • Internally located defibrillators can simply be removed from their box. An alarm may sound on the box but this will silence once the door is shut. The lock code for external boxes is held both by Security and by the Ambulance Service.
  • if someone needs first aid on campus, please:
    • Call for a First Aider. Each school/ service has its own way of calling first aiders – look out for information and posters on how to do this in your area. If in doubt, shout for one!
    • If an ambulance is needed, call 999* first so they can help you and the casualty immediately. (*Dial 9 for an outside line first if you’re calling from an internal University landline.)
    • Then tell Security you’ve called for an ambulance by calling 0113 34 32222* (x32222) so they can assist and direct the ambulance to you through our complex campus.
  • First aid training will cover the use of a defibrillator however this does not preclude use by anybody else.  The units are safe to use and will not deliver a shock to someone with normal heart rhythm.
  • A video produced by St John’s Ambulance can be found here: but it is important to note that the advice is generic and it does not capture University-specific arrangements such as summoning the emergency services through Security from the campus.
  • The defibrillator units give clear instructions on how to prepare the casualty (bare chest), where to put the pads, when to ensure you (or anyone else) is not touching the casualty and when to press the shock button.