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Marketing, Sales and Communications

Marketing, Sales and Communications

Our core purpose as a team is to support the vision, mission and objectives of the Facilities Directorate through effective marketing, sales and communications.

We work closely with colleagues across the Facilities Directorate to understand our products and services. Using this knowledge we then assign resources to the best activities that can inform and attract our target audiences to use or purchase our services, change their behaviour or to manage our reputation. This is necessary to generate income in commercial areas, ensure high levels of student satisfaction, produce behavioural change campaigns and to help improve the University’s reputation.

  • Understand your audience

  • Generate more income

  • Get more engagement

  • Get your message across

  • Raise your profile

  • Change perceptions

  • Change behaviour

  • Ensure you are on brand

Who’s in the team?

The team is led by Sue Pimblett, Head of Marketing and Communications.


The digital team is led by Becky Knight, Senior Digital Marketing Executive.


The creative team is led by Leigh Marklew, Creative Brand Manager.


Estates and Facilities communications are delivered by Prue Griffiths, Communications Manager.


The team work closely with different departments across the Facilities Directorate, with members of the team managing the relationships with several of the services.

  • Nick Holden, Marketing and Communications Manager –  (Residential & Catering Services)
  • Thomas Pickering, Sales, Marketing and Retention Manager – Sport and Physical Activity
  • Kathryn Rutherford, Sales and Marketing Manager – Catering Services
  • Prue Griffiths, Communications Manager – Estates and Facilities

Key contacts

Sue PimblettHead of Marketing, Sales and (0)113 343 7899
Leigh MarklewFD Creative Brand Manager (0)113 343 0957
Prue GriffithsFD Communications (0)113 343 4360
Nick HoldenMarketing & Communications Manager (Residential & Catering Services) (0)113 343 2767
Kathryn RutherfordSales and Marketing Manager, Great Food at (0)113 343 2767 / 4868
Thomas PickeringSales, Marketing and Retention Manager, (0)113 343 7404 / 1389
Emily HalsallMarketing & Communications Officer, Sport (0)113 343 7525
Becky KnightSenior Digital Marketing (0)113 343 0056
Sam HewittDigital Marketing
Chloe SmithDigital Marketing
Esme PattersonGraphic Design
Katie SandersSenior Marketing Executive (Conferences and Events)