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Marketing, Sales and Communications

Marketing, Sales and Communications

Our core purpose as a team is to support the vision, mission and objectives of the Facilities Directorate through effective marketing, sales and communications.

We work closely with colleagues across the Facilities Directorate to understand our products and services. Using this knowledge we then assign resources to the best activities that can inform and attract our target audiences to use or purchase our services, change their behaviour or to manage our reputation. This is necessary to generate income in commercial areas, ensure high levels of student satisfaction, produce behavioural change campaigns and to help improve the University’s reputation.

  • Understand your audience

  • Generate more income

  • Get more engagement

  • Get your message across

  • Raise your profile

  • Change perceptions

  • Change behaviour

  • Ensure you are on brand

Who’s in the team?

Head of Marketing, Sales and Communications

The team is led by Sue Pimblett, Senior Marketing and Communications Manager.


The Digital team is led by Matt Hamnett, Digital Marketing Manager.


The Creative team is led by Leigh Marklew, Creative Brand Manager.


FD Communications are delivered by Sima Alavi, Communications Manager.


The team work closely with different departments across the Facilities Directorate, with members of the team managing the relationships with several of the services.

  • Thomas Pickering, Sales, Marketing and Retention Manager – Sport and Physical Activity
  • Kathryn Rutherford, Sales and Marketing Manager – Catering Services
  • Nick Holden, Marketing and Communications Officer –  Residential Services and Campus Support Services
  • Sima Alavi, Communications Manager – Estates and Facilities

Customer Service Excellence


Marketing and Communications has achieved Customer Service Excellence ®, a government standard that recognises an organisation’s commitment to putting customers first. The Customer Service Excellence ® standard challenges organisations to examine their service in relation to 57 criteria that have been shown to influence customer satisfaction. We achieved a significantly positive result, receiving ‘Compliance plus’ for eight standard criteria across all assessed services, the most criteria that any first time participating organisation has ever received.


Engagement and consultation

Marketing and Communications undertook an audit to identify the gaps, challenges and issues that the Facilities Directorate (FD) faced with its internal and external communications, and to understand stakeholder wants and needs from a marketing and communications perspective.

A series of interviews and meetings were conducted across the University with key stakeholders, including the Vice Chancellor, Faculty Deans, Faculty Facility Managers and FD Directors, plus key stakeholders such as Leeds City Council. Wide ranging desktop research of other Higher Education institutions was used to identify best practice and form a benchmark for the service.

The resulting comprehensive report enabled a detailed understanding of the wide-ranging needs of the various stakeholders and informed the creation of additional supporting roles within the FD Marketing and Communications Team.

A new strategy, which clearly mapped out the vision and objectives for the team, was implemented and led to the team establishing several new communication channels to aid audience connection with various services and businesses across the FD, including FD and CCSS websites, engaging social media channels and email marketing.

These changes and initiatives have succeeded in increasing engagement rates and satisfaction levels with communications across FD staff and key stakeholders, ultimately contributing to an improvement in the reputation of the University and the FD.

Customer testimonial

“FD Matters newsletter is a good way to hear about all of the great work that our Service is achieving”.

CCSS Values


Leadership policy and culture

To fully embed the core CCSS values, Marketing and Communications spent time as a team thinking about what the ‘Share a smile’, ‘Go the extra mile’, ‘Know your stuff’ and ‘Show you care’ values mean to us and how we use those values in every day work life.

The output from the meeting was a specific values document which outlines the ways in which we show the CCSS values at work and the practices we use to ensure we are demonstrating those values.

Each year we review the values as a team to update them and check they are still relevant. This practice of recording our own actions and then aligning our ways of working to individual values has had a big impact on the culture of our team, bringing the values to life for us and ensuring we all know how we show them.

The values are also displayed on boards in our office, so we are reminded of them each day and we share them with new members of staff who then understand not only how we work but also why certain practices are so important for delivering excellent customer service.

Customer Testimonial

“Thank you team for all your hard work on the ‘ExperienceThis’ student volunteering campaign.

From conception to review, the project has been dealt with professionally throughout and has delivered on all the outputs agreed right at the start.

I have been thoroughly impressed, particularly with the project management provided by you and your team, as well as the range of options we were given for concepts and imagery. You consulted throughout and really delivered on the brief set. We have had brilliant feedback from our partners and that again is down to the excellent service you have provided”.

Key contacts

Sue PimblettSenior Marketing, Sales and Communications (0)113 34 37899
Matt HamnettFD Digital Marketing (0)113 34 39007
Leigh MarklewFD Creative Brand Manager (0)113 34 30957
Sima AlaviFD Communications (0)113 34 32772
Nick HoldenMarketing & Communications (0)113 34 32767
Kathryn RutherfordSales and Marketing Executive, Great Food at Leeds+44 (0)113 34 32767 / 34868
Thomas PickeringSales, Marketing and Retention Manager, (0)113 34 37404 / 31389
Emily HalsallMarketing & Communication Executive, Sport (0)113 34 37525
Becky KnightDigital Marketing (0)113 34 30056
Kirstin ThorntonDigital Marketing
Olivia Brooks-WilkinsGraphic Design Assistant