Award-Winning Facilities Team!

Congratulations to all our colleagues in Facilities Support Services who were recently awarded a Best Practice Award at the British Association for Cleaning in Higher Education Awards (BACHE).

As well as cleaning, BACHE includes the general provision of facilities support in higher education. Liz Brittain, Service Manager said: “Over the last 12 months, we have made significant changes to the delivery of services by our Facilities Assistants (porters). This has resulted in the enhancement of service delivery, an increase in financial efficiency and a significant improvement in staff satisfaction.

“This recognition from BACHE showcases the creativity, innovation and teamwork displayed throughout this period in order to achieve our vision. I’d like to thank all of my team for their hard work and commitment towards meeting our service aims of delivering an effective and efficient service whilst also providing excellent customer service.  This award also enables us to assist other members of BACHE through the sharing of good practice. Well done everyone!”

(The FSS supervisory team attended the event – pictured above is Kim Smith, Facilities Team Leader and Nicola Carter, Facilities Supervisor).

Find out more about Facilities Support Services at the University of Leeds.