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University of Leeds. The Big Conversation

On Monday 12 July, all staff, students and postgraduate researchers will be invited to help create our new University values through a series of discussions called The Big Leeds Conversation. New and clear values will help us to: create a supportive place to study and work; give our students the best experience we can; and […]

Reopening campus and creating future opportunities

Estates and Facilities played a critical role not only in the reopening of the University, but also in providing reassurance to staff and students during their return to life on campus. Throughout, the team ensured staff and students were confident that they were returning to a safe, healthy, hygienic and well managed environment. To achieve […]

Investment in new learning environments

Throughout 2021, the Service will continue to invest in digital transformation and blended learning across teaching spaces. The aim of this exciting initiative is to ensure the University continues to invest in and improve its teaching spaces whilst supporting the objectives of Digital Transformation and delivering a positive impact upon Student Education. £3million capital investment […]

Providing a safe and clean campus

Establishing an effective cleaning process to manage infection control has been a priority for Cleaning Services. In March 2020, the majority of the campus and associated buildings were closed because of the country’s first national lockdown. Whilst the campus was still and quiet, the Cleaning Service team, behind the scenes, were busy as bees using […]

Accessible websites and documents

One in five people in the UK have a disability (visual, hearing, motor or cognitive) that could make it difficult for them to access the online information. Additionally, more young people with registered disabilities are entering Higher Education than ever before. It is therefore crucial that University services can be used by as many customers […]

Effectively communicating safety and reassurance messages

As Government restrictions were eased after the first Covid 19-19 lockdown the University undertook the complex and multifaceted task of safely reopening the campus to welcome back its students and staff. Ensuring everyone was aware of social distancing guidelines, fully informed and safe during their time back on campus was the key goal of the […]

Using digital transformation to drive the customer experience

With traditional University Open days cancelled the University quickly moved to offering online Open Days. As campus was closed due to Covid 19 19 the University developed an alternative digital open day experience to launch at the beginning of July to support the 2021 student recruitment activity. As part of this, the FD Marketing, Sales […]

Adapting for re-opening: creating a safe environment and building confidence

Following the first national lockdown due to Covid 19, the sport and leisure world had to change to safely re-open its doors when restrictions were lifted, following government, university and industry guidance. Early in the process, the Sport & Physical Activity Service (SPA) team recognised the importance of not only being fully compliant and adhering […]

Working in partnership to support our student sports clubs

The Sport & Physical Activity Service (SPA) has worked in partnership with Leeds University Union (LUU) to support university sports clubs in providing vital sport and physical activities throughout the covid 19 pandemic. With the gradual easing of restrictions following the first national lockdown in 2020, one of the key challenges facing the sports industry […]