Facilities Directorate charity update

Fundraising for our FD charities is going well so far this year with £2,756.87 for Alzheimer’s Society and £1,798.31 for Children’s Heart Surgery Fund.

A large amount of this money has come from Cleaning Services where Sue Taylor’s team have been putting their small change in a pot and raised £142. Ryan Johnson has also turned his hand at baking and raised £38 hosting a cupcake sale.

We’ve also had a number of people running to support the charities. Stewart Ross (Director of CCSS) and Francesca Shephard from SPA ran the Leeds Half Marathon, with it being Francesca’s first ever running race. Lee-Anne Henderson from cleaning also completed the Leeds 10k and raised a huge amount, over £1,100!

“Reaching that finish line was the most surreal, most amazing experience ever and I now can’t wait to set myself another running challenge!” said Francesca.

Bob Douglass from Estates has raised hundreds of pounds for our charities after completing the Olympic distance Castle Howard Triathlon in July, a fantastic achievement!

Ian Brine, Residence Service Supervisor at Sentinel also took part in the Leeds Half Marathon and contributed towards £6k raised for Leeds Mind (Mental Health Charity), he is also running Yorkshire Marathon October 2017 and fundraising for Alzheimer’s Society.

To find out more about the charities we fundraise for, click here.