Meet our new PC Liaison Officer, Becky Hurrell

PC Rebecca Hurrell has been an officer in East Leeds for over 14 years but has recently taken up a campus-based position, in the university’s security office, as Police Liaison Officer for the university.

We asked PC Hurrell to tell us a bit more about herself and what this new role as Police Liaison Officer will entail.


Tell us a bit about your background, how long have you worked for West Yorkshire Police?

“I have been a police officer for over 14 years, working in east Leeds. I have mostly been a patrol officer going to ‘blue light jobs’ but I have also worked within the tutor unit (looking after new police officers), neighbourhood policing team in Wetherby and as a crime investigator.”


What attracted you to this role of Police Liaison Officer at the University?

“The university is a small town and as such requires a policing presence, but it is also unique in that it is supplying the country with exceptional people that will one day be leaders in their field. Providing those people with a safe and secure working environment is essential. They need to be able to know that they have help and support on campus so that they can concentrate on their studies. I have worked with the general public for some time now and I feel I have the skill set to help and support both students and staff alike.”


Can you tell us a bit more about your role here at the University, what does being a Police Liaison Officer mean?

“I am based on campus at the Universities security office and I am here to help in any situation. Along with investigating crimes that happen on campus with the assistance of the security team I can also give help, advice and support to staff and students with regard all manner of issues. I am always happy to meet anyone to talk about any issue letting them know the probable lines of investigation, allowing them to be fully informed when deciding if they would like police assistance or if they would like the university assistance in the matter.”


Through your work, how will you help students and staff stay safe during their time at the University?

“I will be giving induction talks on safety both on and off campus to the ‘freshers’ in September, I have a twitter account that I use to pass out safety information to students and staff and I will be working closely with the Students Union throughout the year to ensure the message of safety to students isn’t lost on a variety of subjects. If there are any specific concerns of high importance to staff or students then I will work with the media team on campus to ensure everyone is aware.”


You can contact PC Hurrell at: