Security staff

Keeping Leeds safe

The University of Leeds has one of the first Security Services Dog Teams in the HE sector.

Being in the heart of the city centre, our University campus is a welcoming home to many students, staff and visitors. The single-site campus is one of the largest in the UK. Everything is in one place and it’s really easy to get around, so ensuring the campus provides a safe and secure environment, where everyone has a positive experience, is of great importance to us.

Maintaining a safe and secure campus environment is the responsibility of the University’s Security Service, led by Malcolm Dawson, which aims to ensure that the University is a safe and secure environment for all students, staff and visitors, both on and off campus. Without doubt, the Security Service is linked across many different areas and departments across the entire Leeds community and strives to continue to provide a first class customer service.

The service works in close partnership with West Yorkshire Police, and has not only a dedicated University Police Higher Education Officer, on campus, based in the Security Office, but a Police Station as well. This unique and close working relationship ensures collaboration from all sides and effectively manages crime on campus and within the vicinity.