Beverley Kenny

Understanding customers

Beverley Kenny, Deputy Director Support Services, reflects on the competitive nature of offering catering services at a City Centre Campus in an article on University Business…

The University has just under 32,000 students and 8000 staff who need to be catered for on a daily basis. This coupled with the fact that the campus lies at the heart of a diverse City, which offers a vast array of food and drink outlets, inevitably means that we are constantly refining and improving our provision, to ensure we offer good food at good prices.

Great Food at Leeds is the name of the catering services at Leeds. The service provides customers, staff, students and campus visitors alike with quality fresh food at competitive prices which is at the heart of what we strive to achieve, through the facilities and services we offer across campus.

We operate in an incredibly competitive market and are mindful that our customer base is very diverse and sensitive to price and quality

We manage this through conducting regular focus groups with our customers and really get under their skin to gather valuable insight on what we currently sell, what they want to see more of, and what they don’t think we need to sell anymore – ultimately with this strong insight we are able to continually build a strong and ever evolving proposition.